Geomag Cube Art

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Magnetic Patterns


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Magnetic Modules

by Kaufman

€120.00 €99.00

Magnetic Masterpieces


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Welcome to Geomag Cube Art Project

Geomagworld, the Swiss magnetic toy company, launches an artistic branch with Geomag Cube Art, committing to turn their mythical #magicube into a creative canvas for multidisciplinary artists. Technology and innovation as a bottom line for game, interaction and unlimited imagination make Magicube an attractive and useful advance-guard holder.

Project Team

Patricia Sotomayor

Patricia Sotomayor is a photographer artist based in Madrid. She holds Fine Arts studies and a Master Degree in Visual Arts and Contemporary Photography. Her artistic work includes portraits to explore her interest in transformation, detachment and symbolism and she uses photography as a tool for exploring the reality of the people she works with as an Executive Coach specialized in Neurolinguistic Programming. She has more than 18 years of experience working in global multinationals as a Senior Executive Assistant for C-Levels and is used to coordinate multicultural high-performance teams.

Jorge de la Cruz

Jorge de la Cruz is cultural manager and visual artist with a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense, Madrid. Their main artistic interests are the sculpture and the ephemeral art installations. He works since 2011 as Director of La Casa Franca, an experimental cultural organization where he lead cultural projects in collaboration with public entities such as the Ministry of Culture of Spain, Cervantes Institute or Toledo´s City council, and private companies such as Instituto Europeo di Design. As cultural agent his aim is to support disruptive art proposals to make new art accessible to the general public.